Review of Axis Bank life insurance

Axis Bank LIfe Insurance

Life insurance is an amazing tool helping families or your family in meeting crucial needs and also in leading a comfortable life in your absence. This happens as the insurer pays the beneficiary a predetermined amount after your demise. It may be given even if unfortunately you are bedridden. Life insurance is an essential insurance policy that helps in your investment and savings portfolio.

There are many plans available aiming to protect and keep your family secure. One such extra mile to ensure security and happiness is the:

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Max Life Online Term Plan

Max Life realizes your sentiments and provides you its Max Life Online Term Plan. This Axis life insurance plan is easy and affordable ensuring to shield your family from uncertainties of life featuring unique 3 death benefits options.

  • Sum assured
  • Sum assured and level monthly income
  • Sum assured and increase in the monthly income

The minimum age entry is 18 and maximum 60. You can pick any term ranging from 10 to 35 years and the Rs.25 lac is the sum assured. This is a pure term plan of Axis life insurance offering no maturity benefit, but only death benefit.

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Max Life Young Pension Plan

This Plan offers equity participation benefits to creating a large retirement corpus and offers a guarantee aiming to protect your savings from downturns of the market. It offers additional benefit safeguarding your family from eventualities unforeseen so that you and your loved ones enjoy life on own terms.

The maturity benefit depends on the investment option chosen. In case you opted for the Pension Maximiser Option, the higher of Fund or 101% of cumulative premiums is receivable at maturity. If you opted for the Preserver Option, the higher of Fund or 110% of cumulative premiums is receivable at maturity. Death Benefit is given to 105% of cumulative premiums. The option is allowed to be chosen only at inception and not in between the policy term.

Max Life Fast Track Super Plan

This investment of Axis bank life insurance asks for investments that require a product to attain your goals. This plan is a product helping in planning your finances better and ensures your future years are the best.

Key Benefits

  • Family enjoys financial security
  • Options of premium payment term as single payor for 10 years 5 pay or for 20 years term regular pay, depending on your need
  • Guaranteed loyalty additions increase your funds
  • Additional units are added every year after 10th policy year
  • 5 fund options available to choose
  • Safeguards your fund from volatilities of the market
  • Maturity Benefit

On maturity, the Fund Value is calculated as:

Fund Value = Accumulated Fund Units X respective Fund(s) NAV on the Maturity Date

In case, the Maturity Date happens to be a holiday, then next working day’s NAV is applicable.
Loyalty additions are payable to Regular premium paying policies. In revival policies case, the loyalty additions will be paid on the prevailing Fund Value at the revival date.

Max Life Super Term Plan

In this uncertain world, the top priority is to ensure your family has financial security and lifestyle in your absence. Only axis bank life insurance can ease your worries by providing security and financial support.

Max Life Super Term Plan helps meeting your financial security need at a reasonable cost. The key benefits are:

  • Option to meet the rising inflation
  • Flexibility to choose the payout as lump sum or as 50% now and for 10 years as monthly income
  • Policy terms choosing flexibility ranging from 10 to 35 years
  • Comprehensive insurance cover
  • No maturity benefit
  • The death benefit is the annualized premium 10 times; assured maturity sum on the maturity date, the annualized premium includes extra premium if any and no education cess, service tax, etc.

There are many more plans and policies to secure your life offered by Axis bank life insurance. It also includes Max Life Guaranteed Lifetime Income Plan that offers comfortable lifestyle and financial independence even in your golden years. Likewise, Max Life- Perfect Partner Super takes care of your changing needs throughout your life and this includes retirement investing, education and marriage of children and makes the best plans of life insurance.


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