Insurance Companies Of India

Insurance Companies Of India

Insurance companies of India

Uncertainties, accidents, mishaps, loss is all part and parcel of life. Since, we are unaware of what might happen tomorrow, what we can do best is to try and protect ourselves today. Insurance is that safety and protection that we can opt for. Be it life, auto, home, family, travel or business, having an insurance policy is the best way you can cope up with troubled times.

The future of the Indian insurance sector is good. As the forecast goes, the insurance sector in India is projected to touch nearly US$350 to 400 billion by 2020. With a mere waiting of 5 years, Indian Insurance companies is going to bask in one of its brightest era’s.

The many insurance companies of India can be broadly divided into private and public insurance companies.

Talking about the Public Insurance companies of India, there are quite a handful.

Public Insurance companies of India 

  • Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)
  • General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC Re)
  • National Insurance Co. Limited-
  • Oriental Insurance Co. Limited
  • New India Assurance Co. Limited
  • United India Insurance Co. Limited

Private Insurance Companies of India

 The performance of the private companies of India has been good of late.

Following are some of the well noted ones.

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