Victim claim in 15 days- Haryana govt to help victims of Jat community violence attacks

victim claim

Sanjeev Kaushal, Finance Secretary of Haryana has directed the insurance companies to provide utmost support to those who have suffered during the Jat community violence attacks. He also asked them to have the victims’ claims settled within 15 days of information. This was concluded in the meeting of the Finance Secretary with the major insurance companies in India.
This came up after it was found that many small and large stores, malls and business complexes were destroyed in the attacks made by the Jat community during their allege for reservations.
Insurance companies have assured of supporting the government to help out by settling the payments as soon as possible. To facilitate the activity they will need the sufferers to get in touch with their respective insurance companies before they make any changes to their damaged construction.
Insurance company representatives would need to perform a survey to analyze the harm done to the property before they could make the payment decision. They also need to be made available with proof documents on the property along with bank details to help with the claim.

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