Why We Love Max NewYork life Insurance (And You Should, Too!)

Max New York Life insurance

MaxNeYorkLife Insurance Company is a joint venture between New York Life International, India’s leading multi-business corporate and Max India Limited. It is a fortune 100 company and offers global expert with life insurance. It initiated it’s commercial operations in the year 2001 in India and is the foremost company to be awarded the certification of ISO 9001-2000. It has over 133 offices.

List of flexible products by Max NewYork life Insurance

Max NewYork Life Insurance provides an array of flexible products that includes life and health insurance entailing almost 8 riders customized to more than 800 combinations thus enabling the customers to choose policies suitable to meet ones needs. This company also provides 7 riders and 6 products in the group insurance business. This company has appropriate plan to meet each individual need. It is designed to meet long term financial aspirations and goals. They also assist in satisfying your commitments and dreams. The list of plans provided includes:

Protection Plans (2)

  • Renewable & Convertible 5 yr Plan
  • Level Term Policy 

Children Plans (4)

  • Endowment to 18 and 24 (Par) Plan
  • SMART Steps & SMART Steps Plus

Investment Plans (4)

  • Life Maker Premium, gold, platinum and
  • Life Invest

There are plenty of choices in retirement plans, health plans, saving plans. Strategic products plans and group plans.

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Vision and Mission of  Max NewYork life Insurance

Max life vision is to be the most admired company and the mission is to offer honest and right commitment, serve customers by offering retirement solutions, protection, long term savings and by delivering quality services, thus contributing to the society in times of need such as well being and health. We have very careful values such as we respect each and every ones opinions, work together and offer excellence in all that we do.

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How to Claim Max NewYork life Insurance?

Max Life Insurance is the leading insurance provider ensuring you stay protected from the uncertainties in life. The company provides best support at any needy time. There is a transparent procedure and fast claim settlement. You can have peace of mind as the process is hassle free and best in the settlement of claims procedure.

Types of life insurances claims offered by Max NewYork life Insurance

Max NewYork Life Company offers two types insurance claims and this includes – maturity and death claims. In death claims, the policy money will be received by the beneficiary after the policyholder’s death. The policy will pay after 3 continuous policy years completion for all death claims.  Here there are documents required such as:

  • Policy original document
  • Death certificate original or attested copy by local municipal authority
  • Death claim application form
  • Copy of pan card, passport, aadhar or voter card as proof of the nominee
  • A cancelled cheque attested by bank

In case the life insured survives for the policy tenure and the policy premium payments is done without any break, he/she will get the benefits of maturity of the policy.  There is tax exemption for the maturity benefits under section 10D, IT Act, 1961. For maturity claim there is not many documents required.

Payments modes 

Max New York Life offers its policyholders a series of paying options such as online payments, auto debit, phone payments and lots more. The premium mode of payment can be changed by signing a form and submitting it.

Riders available

There are 4 riders available:

  • Accidental death rider benefit providing payout benefit in events such as death by accident
  • Personal accident benefit rider paying benefit amount in accidents
  • Critical or dreaded disease rider offers payout benefit as the policyholder contracts such illness specified in the rider document or if he or she needs to undergo a surgery
  • Premium rider benefit is waived off if the policyholder is disabled in the accident or dies

One important note is that there is no loan given for Max Life Marker Unit Linked Plan and Max Life Term Plans. Max life insurance is offering plans to get monthly income for 10 years and at the maturity period a lump sum amount. This scheme is in two types such that 12 and 15 yrs payment term with 22 and 25 yrs policy term. There are tax benefits equally enjoyed by the investor in Max Life insurance.



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