Review of ICICI Life Insurance plan

ICICI Life Insurance

ICICI Life Insurance, Life insurance products from  assure your family complete financial support, despite your absence. Precisely, buying insurance means you are providing your family enough money, in case something unfortunate happens to you. Thus, it protects your family permanently from all sorts of financial crises.

Protective Cover

Adding to the life insurance cover, it serves as a protective cover. Buying insurance you build a flexible scheme of money-saving, which empowers in accumulating wealth to purchase a new car, retire comfortably or get your children higher and appropriate educational solutions.

Best Option

  • There is no dearth of investment options today and so a person is free to choose from the abundant choices. Yet, it becomes indispensable to make the perfect choice of investing your money that is hard earned. Buying life insurance from ICICI insurance plans is a way of making a distinct investment. This plan helps in saving the important goals of your life and also in protecting your assets, which means it serves the dual purpose.
  • Considering it as an investor’s point of view, this investment has two crucial roles – asset protection or appreciation. When financial instruments enjoy the benefit of asset appreciation, purchasing life insurance online gives you the reassurance of protection of assets in association with asset appreciation as a strong element.

Value of ICICI Life Insurance

Buying online ICICI life insurance provides core benefit such that the financial interests of remaining protected of a family from unwanted or unpredicted circumstances such as loss of income owing to serious illness or the policyholder’s death. Likewise, buying online life insurance provides an inbuilt strong wealth creation proposition. Thus, there is a benefit for the customer on two counts and the online insurance products create a beautiful space in the investment options.

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There is no doubt that the financial goals and the life stage keep changing and the instrument in that you invest must offer benefits relating to the new life stage. However, the online products of insurance offer specific products, such that they are customized to meet different life stages. The benefits thus offered reflect the customer’s needs at a specific stage of life and assure the financial goals are met at that life stage.

Depending on the life stages you can consider ICICI Life insurance plans and these can meet your needs such as:

  • Education plans
  • Protection plans
  • Wealth creation plans

Need for Insurance

The need for life insurance is realized when there is a traumatic experience. This experience is bitter when the family is left without much money to fulfill the basic requirements in life or even to prepare the future goals. However, the need for insurance is felt at such times and ICICI Life insurance plans ensure your family is secure financially, even in your absence.

Key Benefits

  •  Life insurance is tailored to meet financial needs. The modern day investments include property, fold, mutual funds and much more. Yet the ICICI Life insurance plans are the right choice to invest as they offer the option of meeting your family requirements at the hour they need.
  •  Life insurance protects your assets as well. With life insurance cover, your assets stay protected and you can retain the appreciation value of your assets.

As a rule, it is a must to have five to ten times as insurance cover considering the annual income. Human life cannot be predicted and is of no worth without your existence. So giving financial support to your family by insuring in the life insurance plans keeps your spouse, parents or children, safe and secure in the future. The value of the life insurance will be realized and understood when the protective blanket of your existence is not present around and you will not be able to shelter them.

Human life value has some calculations to be done to make a proper investment in ICICI life insurance. This means you should calculate the finance required for your family and how they can stay secured in your absence. You must take into account your age and your annual earnings, the number of dependents, the debts, and the current and the expenses and income in the future, before deciding on the plans of life insurance.




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