FREE medical checkup for health insurance policy holders

free medical checkup

FREE medical checkup for health insurance buyers. YOU don’t know about this, it’s true.Let me tell you about this facility given to health insurance policyholders.Whatever the result comes off the medical tests done by the doctor, it will not affect your policy.  These test results are used for underwriting purpose for the time when policyholder wished to increase the amount covered at the time of health insurance policy renewal.Don’t go for   an annual medical checkup just for the sake of insurance but to keep an eye on your health. This is must nowadays.

The way you can get a free medical checkup is explained as follows, have a look.

FREE medical checkup- Get in touch with your insurance company

Find the toll- free number of your insurer for an appointment. If you don’t have toll free number searches it out with the help of Google uncle. If you don’t have the internet then visit your nearest insurance branch to get a schedule for your medical checkup.

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After contacting they will verify all the details, and will revert back to confirm location, date and time. They ask for your preferences. You can choose according to your conveniences. After deciding the date, they will send you one authorization letter which you have to take along with you to the diagnostic center. It is must to show to the doctor with your health card.

To get a fast and quick convenient service, it is suggested to get your medical tests done from network hospitals. You don’t have to pay for the test as the charges for those tests are settled by the insurance company as per decided rates. But if you can’t go to the network hospitals and go to the centers of your choice but then you have to apply for reimbursement or refund for those bills.

Find the Cost of Tests

Don’t think that every diagnostic center will charge you same for the medical tests.   You as policyholder should carefully read and understand the policy documents. The insurers mention the cost they will reimburse to you in documents.For example, the United India insurance company compensates the medical checkup which is around 1% of the average amount covered of four claim-free years.Some insurance companies like Bajaj Allianz health insurance mention the number of tests in place of the amount  reimbursed to the policyholder.

Listing of health Tests

FREE medical checkup includes-

  • Urine test
  • Blood sugar test
  • Postprandial (PPBS)
  • Blood count test
  • Complete blood count test
  • ECG test
  • Cholesterol checkup

Some companies like ICICI LOMBARD or Bajaj Allianz cover the regular checkup or tests of the policyholder.

Claim-Free Years Importance

According to most of the insurance companies, the policy holder can take advantage of free health test only after a block of claim-free years which would be around 4-5 years.

SBI health insurance allows FREE medical checkup for every four claim-free years. This means that you can go for free medical test only in the 5th year provided; the last 4 yrs are claim-free.

Religare Health Insurance Company gives facility of annual health checkup, even if the policyholder had made a claim in the prior year.

The time has come when every person should take a step ahead to go for a regular health checkup. It will help to diagnose problems in the beginning to get cured easily.

Follow this beautiful wording… It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

Don’t worry free health checkup will not raise your premium amount.

So, what are you waiting for call now your medical insurer and fixed time for a FREE medical checkup?



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