Insurance Leads for Motor Insurance in Mumbai

Getting life insurance leads is very important to promote the sale of insurance, be it health, medical or motor. Likewise, insurance leads for motor insurance in Mumbai implies getting quality leads and policies. However, ensure the insurance leads are potential and is available for the insurance products.

Motor insurance in Mumbai:

How It Works

  •  Auto insurance leads means it operates a network of websites to assist consumers in assembling from the insurance agents the typical competitive quotes.
  • At the website, it offers the facility to consumers to fill out a request quote form from the specific insurance type in case they are keen in buying.
  • Consumers can find the sites while shopping or looking for insurance terms on portals such as Bing and Google or even by clicking ads on the most popular sites of the web.
  • The advanced technology leads are based on the profiles created by the agent considering the lifestyle filters, geography and weekly or daily lead maximums.
  • Agents receive the actual value and offer lowest shared lead caps.

Finding a good lead provider is very difficult. At insurance lead, you can target the market with the help of a range of filters and leads, no deposit and no commitment system. You can begin by creating an online account. In the sign up process, you can select the insurance leads types, the geographic areas and filters.

Confirming your online configuration and entering the credit card information helps in confirming your email address and also securing your site. You must be ready to receive leads of real time to your email address and online account. However, if you make adjustments to your account settings, you can have 24×7 easy accesses.

How are insurance leads generated

The insurance leads do not indicate any long term commitment. In fact, it is the ideal ways of making your customers revisit you looking for more and the fact cannot be denied that such insurance leads produce quality products. Majority leads of insurance are generated from consumers who are looking through major internet search engines looking for insurance such as Yahoo, Google and MSN. This is effective and is the best in generating leads of high quality from serious shoppers of insurance.

Generally, there is a network of websites where active shopping is done by consumers based on the request quotes for insurance. After submitting quote request, the prospect is mailed to the email address so that it works as a reminder and is an indication that they will be contacted soon by an agent. The prospect in the meantime may be redirected to a trusted partner so that they browse immediately a quote and this process keeps the possibility alive to the customer to visit other sites.

Diversifying the lead acquisition means a small percentage of leads are monitored closely for the purpose of quality even if the leads are coming from selected partner. Then it is approved after the screening. There is no incentive based methods employed to generate insurance leads.


The leads do not ask for any deposit or setup fee. New agents credit limits are set and once you sign up, you will be charged each month on the 1st and 16th, or even when you reach the credit limit for the already received insurance leads.

Number of leads

The internet traffic keeps varying and so it is not easy to say the number of leads. However, agents receive good numbers and so they can create an account by selecting the filters, leads and areas that you may be looking for.

Yes, you can mention geographic areas and the insurance leads type you want to receive with our online system. You may receive at least 3 leads per day.  The leads type varies as it includes life insurance leads, health insurance and many more filters.

There may be times when you receive an invalid lead about motor insurance in Mumbai. If so, there is no hassle process and you can return within 10 days, provided it meets the conditions such as the lead is a duplicate and is received already, the phone numbers are fax or disconnected, the contact is of a school student, the contact information is incorrect or if there is the barrier of language.



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