Good Health Insurance Plans in India

Health insurance plans in India are for men and women. The individual health insurance plans include family health insurance plans or the corporate group health insurance policies. It ranges from easy to optima health insurance policies that guard against the future and the present spiraling costs of healthcare. It also reveals the wellness path for a long term. The health insurance is now highly valued and is ranked as one of the best plans offered by insurance industry. The company offering its products has well trained sales team and a good network that they directly call the clients using the data from the call center.

health insurance plans

Wide options and best benefits

  • Choose from a wide choice featuring sum Insured from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 15 lakhs. This is because you can get the best health insurance in India benefits and the premium will be affordable.
  • Our health insurance plans is associated with pre and post hospitalization cover taking care of medical expenses that is now incurred for treatment before and after hospitalization. This offers immediate relief from the incurred medical expenses and can also turn to be costly as hospitalization expenses.
  • There are cashless procedures, hospitals empanelled such that all the approval process and claims is easy and quick. Such empanelled hospitals have in-house processing specialized claims doctors’ team who professionally process your claim. Referring to claim settlement, it is a genuine claim and is settled within a fortnight.
  • Health insurance policies ascertain you get accrued benefits and the waiting period will be going on without causing any trouble.
  • You may get tax benefits under Income Tax act of Section 80D.
  • Lifelong Renewal can be enjoyed of a health insurance This also offers security against medical expenses, besides saving one from the stress and financial burden of medical emergency.

 Ways to Select Good Health Insurance India

Health insurance offers financial security at the most needed times.  While it is important to ensure you are receiving the best health insurance deal, at the same time buying health insurance is not less overwhelming and confusing. Health insurance plan choosing depends on numerous factors, your age, and in case you are employed, the insurance from your employer or the need to buy it on your own. Regardless of the situation, you can find easy-to-follow guides to choose the best health insurance policy.

Buying health insurance when you are healthy and young is recommended. Typically, people consider buying a health insurance policy as they reach their forties or fifties. This is the time your health risks shoot and grow. Moreover, all health insurance policies come with a 2-3 years waiting period for some pre-existing diseases. Buying early in life a health insurance cover ascertains you finish the waiting period before you are older and avail full benefits of the health insurance plan. The health insurance policy premium is based on the customer’s age and health status. Hence, buying a cover at young age will be cheaper than at a later stage.

Choose the best health insurance plan meeting your needs. Also ensure your health insurance plan offers you adequate health care coverage considering the factors like your age, family member’s age, elevated health care costs, etc. Any middle or young age group may choose an indemnity cover featuring INR three to five lakhs and a married individual should go for a family floater plan offering cover to an individual and the spouse so the sum insured is between INR five to seven and half lakhs.

For effective coverage, choose health insurance plans having certain broad exclusions in association with waiting periods. Note the treatment-respective limits. Certain policies cap the claim amount. Such limits restrict your claim, even if you have a large sum insured policy. You must evaluate this point before choosing the best health insurance policy. Opting for a health insurance plan means you should be sure the plan has no disease specific or expenditure. Consider policies offering additional coverage that is useful with standard health insurance.

Finally, fill the proposal form, read and understand the wordings of the policy and carefully select good health insurance plans to reap maximum benefits and also gain good understanding of the payment options, coverage and claim process.



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