How to choose insurance company

Choosing an insurance company calls for a wise decision. There are valuable things to consider, such as the company is financially solvent, what are the rates, how is their customer service, does the company have a complaint history and the coverage it offers. No two companies are the same, so compare at least three companies before deciding on one.


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How to choose insurance company

There are numerous insurance companies, so Choosing an insurance company among them may be a challenge. Consider some points when selecting an insurance company:

  • Licensing: A general rule best followed is to buy insurance from a company licensed in the state you live so that you can easily rely on the state insurance department in case of problems or issues. So, firstly, find out the companies that are licensed in your state and get into touch with the state insurance department.
  • Price: Shop around to know the price. You must get quotes from three companies at least and get to know the agents. There will a guide published from the state insurance showing different policies and insurers charge in different parts of your state. You must know this because companies keep selling insurance policies and the prices vary greatly.
  • Financial Strength: Buying insurance means you wish to protect your family and you financially and to ensure peace of mind. So consider an insurance company that is financially strong and check the user ratings from some rating agencies that are independent.
  • Service: Choosing an insurance company is highly dependent on the representatives of the company. They should solve your queries and must be efficient in handling claims. You can also check the database of national claims and see the complaint information of a company. Checking with the state insurance department will also give you an idea about doing business and regarding its service relation.
  • Comfort: Purchasing insurance from a company implies you must feel comfortable. You can buy from a company directly over a phone or from a local agent, or even online. Ascertain the company or the agent is easy to reach, in case you wish to file a claim or have a query.

Choosing an insurance company: The way

It is very hard to know for if any insurance company will last for another five to 10 years. So it is difficult to choose an insurance company that will offer you service for many more years to come. You can follow these simple actions and figure this out.

As a first step make decisions one year at a time. Likewise, prior to renewing your policy, read current news, check financial ratings and watch the stock trends of the insurance companies you are planning to choose.

  • Check Financial Ratings: Generally, ratings range from ‘A++’ to ‘F’. As usual, ‘A’ and ‘B’ are good, but as you go down, you will notice that some insurance companies are not eligible or lack financial stability. In fact, there are ‘S’ rating insurance companies and they mean these companies are not rated financially. Hence, prior to choosing an insurance company, check with the mortgage company if they will accept your insurance company as the insurance carrier. This is a must as it is in the best interest of the lender to save its investment and to ensure you are financially secure and are insured.
  • Current News: Stay alert and know about the company you are considering. Conduct internet searches and understand the position of the insurance company you are planning to insure.
  • Watch Stock Trends: Consider the stock prices of your potential or current insurance company. You can check for trends going through the last six months to details. In case you find the trend is consistently going downward, it indicates that it is time to consider the financial rating.
  • Stay Informed: Call the state department of insurance and get information. They will update you on the insurance company and other details that may be of immense help to you.

Choosing an insurance company:Bottom Line

Choosing an insurance company is definitely not a lifelong commitment. Switching over insurance providers helps reducing the hassles and increases the likelihood that your insurance company pay attention and provide good customer service information. Knowing about your insurance company keeps you safe from financial disaster. Remember to read all the documents and fine prints before signing.


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